These Beaches Look Pretty, But It’s Better If You Stay Away from Them

When we mention summer, most of us think about a vacation on a sandy beach next to the sea. It is most certainly our favorite destination, but there are a few issues that lurk just beneath the sea level that we would like to warn you about. Go through our list and see what dangers are present on specific beaches, so that you will be able to have a safe vacation alongside your family. Welcome to the list of cobras on your beach chairs, lions on the sandy dunes and taking a dip with the alligators – we have covered it all.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Let us start off this list with the most common of fears when it comes to the sea – sharks. If you are afraid of those, you might not want to go anywhere near New Smyrna Beach. In just the last five years there have been 8 shark attacks that have ended in death.

The most common type that hunts these waters is the bull shark. They have the ability to swim in freshwater, which makes it even easier for them to hunt. According to a report from 2007, the New Smyrna Beach had the most confirmed shark bites than any other place in the world. They held that record for only a year, breaking it in 2008 with a staggering 24 bites. If for some reason this does not scare you off, you will love the recreational opportunities that are available for you at the beach.

You can go fishing, sailing, motor boating, golfing and even hiking. According to National Geographic, the New Smyrna Beach is at the top of all the surf towns in the world. If you want to surf next to a 290-pound hunter with a bite force of 5,914 newton’s, that is.