TOP 15 The most expensive mobile phones in the world

In the past, mobile phones were luxury products that only the wealthy could buy because they were too expensive. Today, as technology improves, many companies are producing mobile phones at affordable prices. But overpriced cellphones still exist…

We are going to list the 15 most expensive mobile phones ever sold. You will see that these prices are for some even higher than a villa or even a yacht! You would think that there are no customers for such extravagant things, and yet all these excruciatingly expensive phones find takers …

15 – iPhone Princess Plus – 160,000 dollar

 iPhone Princess Plus - 160,000 dollars

“iPhone Princess Plus” was designed by Peter Allison. He’s an Austrian luxury designer and jeweler who loves decorating phones. Even if the name is “iPhone Princess”, it does not mean that it was designed for women only. The word “Princess” comes from the shape of the diamonds used to decorate it.

The coating of this phone is 18K white gold. It is studded with a total of 318 premium diamonds weighing 17.75 carats, doubled on the coating. Of these, 138 are “princess” size. And the other 180 diamonds are cut in brilliant.

A Russian businessman was the first to pre-order it in October 2007. The phone was delivered to him in January 2008 after spending 160,000 dollars!

Those who cannot afford to spend such a sum can buy the cheapest version. It is delivered for a price of 60,000 dollars, which is still very expensive! It is also in 18-carat gold but only studded with brilliant-cut diamonds.