Top 10 unusual Easter traditions around the world

In other countries, Easter has nothing to do with a family brunch or chocolate bunnies for children! Here are ten of the most amazing traditions.

1. In England, no bells or rabbits delivering the eggs

Little Britons go around the neighborhood looking for chocolate hens and eggs. A sort of “Easter Halloween” in short, which prevents little redheads from getting tired of looking for eggs in the garden. Not stupid.

2. In Eastern countries, there is no question of eating chocolate

We paint the empty eggs in bright colors and we offer them as a token of friendship. In Russia hard-boiled eggs, which are cooked before with coloring, are blessed before being eaten on Sunday. Nothing like a good hard-boiled egg meal, huh … but if you know someone who’s really fond of eggs you can now give them gifts for egg fans. And that has nothing to do with the show by Séverine Ferrer.

3. In Germany, we make small straw nests that we hide in the garden

So that the Easter bunny (Osterhase), generous little ball of fur, comes to place the chocolate and sugar eggs (before we eat this same rabbit later in the terrine). The German therefore does things with care rather than vulgarly laying the eggs in the grass like us. Deutsche Qualität.

4. In Italy, we bless the eggs that will decorate the meal table

And we cook a brioche in the shape of a dove (the colomba), covered with sugar, which will be served for dessert. And then we’re all going to vote for Berlusconi, as a family, on a full stomach. Joy.

5. In Greece, we organize gigantic egg battles

Where each participant must protect his egg while trying to break those of his opponents, and must say “Christos anesti” when he breaks one. Today the game is bizarrely less practiced: the IMF and Europe have warned the Greeks that such a mess would have unfortunate consequences on future interest rates on the debt. And anyway an egg is worth the equivalent of a month’s wages. And anyway, with confinement there are more eggs.

6. In Mexico, images representing Judas are burned, struck and hung

Mexico, what a welcoming country! This tradition is said to ward off bad luck. Next we tear apart piñatas with large sticks, full of sweets and sweets. Just to end the day a little funnier than we started. IF you want that too, you can find our best piñatas for partying by tapping on stuff.

7. In the United States, it’s “Easter bunny” which brings children chocolates

In his large wicker basket. The gardens of the White House are invaded every year by children in search of chocolate hens. Attention, a large rabbit of two meters with long teeth, it can be freaking.

8. In Poland, we sprinkle each other’s water to cleanse themselves from their sins of the past year

It is also a way for young boys to declare their flame to young girls who please them by watering them more than the others … It is also the best way to make a contest of wet T-shirt under cover of religious tradition. A kind of Polish fashion Spring Break.

9. In Russia, before, we offered ourselves golden eggs and precious stones

Just that. Finally it was in the time of the tsars. And you can imagine it wasn’t really a proletarian tradition. Ordered from a certain Pierre-Karl Fabergé.

10. In Australia, it’s not the Easter bunny but the bibly that brings eggs to children

This little animal, something between the mouse and the mini-kangaroo that would live in the desert, is actually endangered and it is to sensitize the youngest that the Australians focus the festivities around him. With a name like that too, it’s not surprising that the bibly disappears …