Building the Lower Legs

Calves used to curse bodybuilders around the world, this has changed with the introduction of machine calves that stand on it, which makes bodybuilders use a very heavy weight on every leg to the bottom of the legs really started to bloom. Today we have also had calf machine and equipment building for squeezing the legs to help the calf continue to grow, so it is no longer considered “impossible” to develop the calf muscle strongly.

There are many ways to achieve the size and definition of the calf, individuals structure their training the way that suits them best, an example of how to grow the calf can be performed daily, with loads increasing weight on a machine of standing calves. If you can not use the calf machine, consider performing calf raises with two heavy training partners on your back.

In the last century, when men wore stockings, it was a common practice for men to use counterfeit calves, as we use today to give jackets with shoulder pads to the visual display of greater width. To get the best out of your calves, it is advisable to spend at least twenty minutes on each stretching calf. This can be done by standing on a high block without extending weight, as high as possible and then going down to maximize the effect. At this stage, you should only be interested in getting a complete and complete stretch action. Later in training, you can train the lower leg with strength training (machines calves) and follow the traditional pattern of working with about 5 sets of 15 to 20 reps.

The following are specific exercises for calves that should be seriously considered when developing well-defined calves. Increasing donkey calf, there is no doubt that the tilt one applies for lift exercise donkey calf does something very special for the legs. This exercise is a big favorite of many Mr. Olympia participants. Sit on a couch or table so that your upper body rests comfortably parallel to the floor. Have a training partner on your lower back, over the hip part. Go up and down until you can no longer repeat. Use a block of 4 inches below
Your fingers give more range to the movement of the foot. Always try to perform at least 20 repetitions in this exercise.

With a standing calf lift, it is important that the calf machine you use can carry heavyweights. The device must carry a huge stack of weights or be configured with a leverage advantage so that relatively small weights give a considerably higher total load. Bring the toes up and down without bending the knees excessively and without bouncing on the underside of the movement. Finally, there is the veal rat; This exercise is done in a special lever machine. The main muscle worked in this movement is the soleus instead of the gastrocnemius. Make as many stubs as you can, concentrating on maximizing total calf stretching with each calf

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