21 Things In Underground Cities That Have Yet To Be Explained

While many discoveries have been made regarding underground structures and even entire cities like Derinkuyu, there are many mysteries surrounding them. After all, there is only so much detailed research and careful excavation that can reveal a civilization that has long since disappeared. Or at the very least,
civilization has changed to the point where it no longer resembles its old self, making it more difficult to understand its past compared to the present. So unless you have a time machine, which hasn’t been invented yet and probably won’t be in the near future, some things may never really be understood.


While plenty of crazy things happen in Russia that always make headlines in the media, this story might surpass them. In Moscow, a police raid revealed an entire community of people that were living underground. The explanation for this, according to Cracked, is that “When the famous and immigrant-friendly Cherkizovsky Market closed down” its residents moved under the streets of Moscow where they continued to live and operate their businesses.

Thus, it was more or less an underground sweatshop for illegal immigrants. Plus, there were other venues such as “A movie theater, a bar, and a cafe” Cracked states.