The 12 scariest bridges in the world

The scariest bridges are not necessarily the most dangerous. Anyway, it still takes a lot of courage to risk crossing one of the constructions that we reveal to you in this top 12 of the scariest bridges in the world.

Wondering where the tallest suspension bridge in Europe is? Are you a bungee jumping lover looking for the most terrifying spot on the planet? All the answers can be found in this article.

Also, discover the skill of Russian and Japanese motorists who cross bridges as dizzying as they are distressing. You will also learn which French work is part of this classification.

If you like thrills and breathtaking panoramas, you will appreciate what follows!

12 – Pontchartrain Lake Causeway – United States

The Pontchartrain lake causeway is a gigantic structure composed of two parallel bridges and supported by more than 9,000 reinforced concrete beams. It connects the north shore of the lake to the suburbs of New Orleans, in southern Louisiana.

When it entered service in 1956, this toll highway viaduct consisted of only one lane, built only 5 meters above the surface of the water. But in 1969, a second bridge was built, parallel to the first, to meet the influx of motorists who wanted to reach the city.

Crossing the causeway of Pontchartrain Lake may seem endless. It must be said that this incredible bridge is almost 40 kilometers long! This is why the one who commits to it feels like driving on the lake, without even being able to see his destination with the naked eye.